Friday, February 6, 2015

Terror in a Toga Murder Mystery Party

When our family gets together we love to have theme parties. One of our favorite type of party is a murder mystery party. we have used several different companies for our parties and I will list some of the ones we have done with our party pictures. This one was called Terror in a Toga and we bought it from this company. Night of Mystery.

We try to incorporate the children in the parties as well, so even though they dont have a role in the game, they will dress in costume and enjoy playing along with the adults.

Our youngest members of the family dressed as young gladiators.

We wrapped a carpet tube in white plastic table cloth and draped it with Ivy.

 The adults each had a role to play and came dressed accordingly.

Including pretending to be very pregnant......

We also had foods that went with our theme. This one was Greek foods and oh so delicious.
 Greek Salad
 Various meats and cheese with olives and grapes.

I wont spoil the mystery but I highly recommend playing a murder mystery game with your friends and family. It is always a lot of fun!

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