Sunday, January 10, 2016

Where the Wild Things Are

Today I have the honor of sharing the most adorable party for a super adorable two year old. The theme is from the book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. I love the book and my children loved the book growing up too. When I saw the party, I just had to share it, and was so happy that my friend agreed to let me share it here.

This family is so special to me anyway. I met them years ago while we were all living half way around the world in the Philippines. We shared some very special memories for the three years we lived there.  I am thankful for Facebook that lets us keep in touch and share our lives now. This little boy's mom was probably about that size when I met the family and now she is grown and has this little fella, How Sweet!

The details of this party are perfect and as you can see it was a huge success for all.

My friend, Deana, bought all the party decor from someone online in a local selling group. Every thing was hand made. It was originally used for a one year old's birthday. They tagged it "Wild One" and Deana changed it to "Two Wild" for her son's 2nd birthday.

The cookies were made by Whisk-A-Cookie Company in Birmingham, Alabama. Be sure to like their facebook page and if you need cookies for a special event give them a call. 

 The blocks were made with pictures printed from the book and so were the stick pictures below.
 The cute wooden cup cake stand  was made by drilling a pole through three wood slices that were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

 The picture props are so perfect. They were hand painted and made for the perfect photo booth for all the guests, even the family pet.

 These face pom poms were bought on Etsy and added to the party wonderfully.

That covers the decorations but that's not all for this party. They had over 40 guests and really pulled it off beautifully by setting up stations through out the house and back yard. The guests all had a great time and everything went smoothly. 

 The bounce house in the back yard made the perfect activity for this party. The guest had a nice place to show off their wildness.  

Thanks again to this special family  
 that threw one cool party for their birthday boy, Hutton!
I guess now we know where the wild things are!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Little Pony Party

Our granddaughter loves My Little Pony and chose to have her 4th party as a Pony Theme.

Finding themed games and accessories was easy  and we  had favors and paper products to set the atmosphere. Each child went home with a plastic pony cup, jewels, stickers, crowns and pony headbands.

One game we played  was a treasure hunting game based on the episode where Rarity finds jewels and diamonds in the caves. We  made a type of sand out of flour and oil to hide the jewels and rings in. Then each child had a turn to uncover prizes.

Another game was pin the cutie mark on Pinky Pie.

For another activity we bought foam crowns for the guests to decorate.

The back drop was great for pictures.

We had two was a rainbow layer cake and one was a rainbow ice cream cake. Both were very easy to make and everyone loved them.

I think next time I will combine the two instead.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Up Up and Away 1st Birthday

Our Granddaughters 1st Birthday party was a huge success.

With a Pink and Gold themed Up Up and Away.

She was thrilled and we all had a great time.

She had a time capsule for everyone to put something inside and it will stay hidden until her 16th birthday. She will open the time capsule and see what people put in it on her 1st birthday.

She loved her cake and enjoyed digging in to it.