Saturday, February 7, 2015


Our son wanted a cars theme party for his 8th birthday. We bought some of the decorations from a party store and made others. I used a black plastic table cloth on the table and white duct tape to make a road. We used checkered flags and orange cones down the center to add to the theme.

We stacked chocolate donuts to look like piles of Luigi's tires.

The main cakes were actually cupcakes decorated to look like Mater from the movie Cars. I made the cakes in regular muffin tins and also in mini muffin tins. Frost one regular size cup cake with chocolate frosting to be the main body. Frost one mini cup cake to be the bed of the truck and one mini cupcake turned upside down on top of the regular cupcake to be the top of the truck. We used m&ms for the lights and eyes and white gum squares for the teeth. The tires on the truck were Junior Mints. We tried various different chocolate cookies and candies to find the ones that looked like the best size for our cupcakes. We frosted the windshield with white frosting and added eyes. It was hard to get the frosting smooth but the boys loved the shape and eating them.

We used car theme stickers for an activity inside before going outside for the race activity.

We set up a race track outside and each child had a cardboard box that we spray painted to look like a car. We put black paper plates on the sides for tires and printed out faces for the front. We had a few races and prizes for the winners and then the boys just played with the cars and had a lot of fun just running around with them.

The party was a lot of fun and our son loved it.

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