Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cowboy and Indian Party

For our sons 4th birthday, he wanted cowboys and indians. He went back and forth the days leading up to it on whether he would be a cowboy or indian and finally settled on indian for himself. 

 The invitations were wanted posters with his picture on it. I dont have a picture of it to show but we found a resource online that would allow us to put his picture in and say what we wanted it to say and then print it out.

We set up a teepee in our back yard and and older brother made a totem pole out of boxes. 

The kids could choose to dress as indians or cowboys and we had the cowboy base set up at the fire pit.

We set up hay bales with a saddle on it for the 'horse' that everyone could ride and each person got a photo taken on the 'horse'

Games were relay races and target practice with bow and arrows. Mostly the kids played their own imaginations as they pretended to be cowboys and indians. The cows and horses in the background added to the fun.

The cake was so fun and turned out great. This was a super fun party for the boys and easy to put on for the mom :-)

50's Style Party

For my husbands 55th birthday we had a 50's style surprise party. We decorated the house like a 50's soda shop and kept all the plans simple and fun.

The cake was decorated like a record. I used black food coloring but it didnt get as dark as I would have liked. I now know that to get a dark black you need to mix the black food coloring with chocolate frosting and I would do that next time to make it more like a vinyl record.

I bought 50's style car decorations and they not only decorated the tables and area but the big cut out was used for a photo prop and everyone had picture made in the car for fun. 

We also had cut out records for decorations on the tables. We played 50's style songs and people were free to dance or do karaoke to the songs as they liked.

We kept the food simple as well and made hamburgers and fries and potato salad. This was a very fun and easy party to host and with it being a surprise for my husband it worked great.