Sunday, April 14, 2013

Duck Dynasty Adult Party

We were selected to host a Duck Dyansty House Party and we had a great time. We love Duck Dynasty and loved having it as a theme for our sons birthday a few months ago.

This time however we were having an adult party so of course the activities would be different. 

 From the time the party pack arrived in the mail to the actual party itself, we were all so excited. 

Some of the items that came in the party pack were face masks of the main Duck Dynasty characters. We had fun playing with these and then came up with the idea to make life size people using the masks.

 Our son's favorite is Uncle Si so he was the first we made. We had fun gathering clothes and stuffing them with newspaper to create our Uncle Si. Of course he had to have his tea cup and we gave him a tiara and feather boa because of his time having the tea party with the little girls in Season 1. When I asked my son (pictured) to get some of his clothes for Si, my son said in typical Si fashion, "I dont think my clothes will fit him" 

We dressed Willie in a tux and he looked so real our dog sat patiently waiting for him to pet him :-)

Of course Phil had to be in camo clothes and he and Si were placed in the dining room to talk.

Miss Kay got an apron and we made a stand for her so she could hang out in the kitchen where we knew she would be most comfortable.

We chose black for Jase and put him in the living room with Willie. 

During our party it felt like the Robertsons were there with us :-) Everyone enjoyed the props and the food and activities.

Everyone wore camo and beards, and came ready to enjoy a party Duck Dynasty style. 

 We had a Duck Dynasty Trivia contest, a beard contest, and enjoyed the fellowship of family and friends.

We made labels for our wine that said Duck Dynasty Mallard Merlot in honor of the episode on making wine. Served the wine in redneck wine glasses.

We served Jambalaya and Miss Kays biscuits. Fried Catfish Louisiana style, Fried mushrooms that we called squirrel brains, and Banana Pudding for dessert.

The best part was the family dinner at the end of the night. That is my favorite part of the show as well.

We created a photo booth for everyone to have their pictures taken.

 Duck Dynasty is a great theme for a party of any age. There is so much fun to be had and everyone enjoys living life like the Robertson's even if just for a night.


  1. Love this- where did you purchase the party pack? Thanks!

  2. We won the party pack through House Party.