Monday, April 15, 2013

Duck Dynasty Youth Group Party

This post is about a party that was held using ideas they found on our first Duck Dynasty Party page. We have had so many comments and such a great response to our parties by people telling us how they have searched and searched for ideas to have a Duck Dynasty party and found that there really isn't much out there yet. I hope to help change that by posting as much as we can to help people have great parties.

Duck Dynasty is such a great theme for all ages and all size groups. This post is to provide readers with ideas for a youth group activity night.  We received the following feedback from a youth pastor and his wife about a recent party they hosted.  Ryan and Madison Robertson gave us this summary of their party...

Hello Karen.  I just wanted to let you know that we hosted our Duck Commander night at church last night and it was a  huge success!!  We had about 36 Middle School students and I had several adult leaders helping me cook and coordinate the games.

-     We started the night with a photo booth, camo face paint, and made duck calls out of straws.
      We had hot dogs (labeled as squirrel meat), hamburgers (duck meat), and wings (frog legs).  My wife made her “award winning banana puddin’”.  And we baked biscuits that were labeled as “Miss Madison’s (my wife) homemade southern biscuits.  Finally, we made chili (Uncle Si’s Nam Surprise).
      We did 2 competitions. The first was who could knock the most duck decoys off a table with bean-bags.  The second was bouncing a duck decoy on a small trampoline into a kiddie pool.  The 2 winners went into the donut eating contest! I was able to use your trivia contest as a tie breaker for the 2nd spot.
      I also had a man from the church who hunts do a bow and arrow presentation with a deer target.
      For dessert we fried Oreos, candy bars, and twinkies. I know that’s not on the show, but figured it would be good!

Thank you so much for all your help and ideas!  We had a great time and a great turn out.  The church was so excited about the event! I attached the picture that went into the bulletin for you to see.  Our graphic designer did a great job giving me a beard!

Thanks Ryan and Madison for sharing with us the great time that was had by all at your Duck Dynasty party.  What a great job you guys did putting together the party.  It sounds like it was a big hit!

If you had a party that you would like us to feature here on our blog, Let's Have a Party!, just send me your summary write up and we'll feature it here on our blog.  Just remember to add a few pics with the write up!

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