Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dragon Party

My son just turned 6 and he wanted a Dragon Party. Not a Dinosaur party, Not a How to Train Your Dragons Party, Just a Dragon Party. We found a lot of ideas with the other two parties mentioned and incorporated them into our focused on dragons party.

I bought a cardboard castle for the kids to color and play in for the party. If I do this again I will have them color before the party so it is ready during the party but they had fun just the same coloring and playing.

I also bought cardboard dragons that could be colored and put together to play with. 

I made little dragon wings for each person out of felt. This was fairly easy as well. I just cut felt in graduating strips and sewed it together. There are ties for the wrists and you could make ties for the neck as well or maybe velcro for safety but I just pinned the middle part to their shirts.

I bought dinosaur mask from Oriental Trading and we used the ones that looked dragon like and went with the wings.

We bought a dragon pinata from a party supply store and filled it with candy and toy dragons.

 The Cake was the highlight of the party. It was so easy and turned out great.  It was designed to be a volcano and had dragons around it. The kids loved it. The best part was that it actually erupted.

I bought two premade angel food cakes and stacked them together and then cut them to look like a volcano shape. I frosted them with chocolate frosting and then drizzled yellow and red frosting around the top edge to look like lava. I put a small jar inside the tube cake and added some baking soda to the jar before the party. Before serving I poured vinegar colored with red food coloring in the jar and the reaction with the baking soda cause the volcano to erupt. The kids loved it. I was concerned that the baking soda and vinegar would make the cake taste bad so I made cupcakes as well. However the cake did taste fine and the kids werent turned off by the lava at all.

For the cupcakes, I baked red and yellow cake pops and added one to each cupcake cup before poured the chocolate cake batter on top of them. I baked them as usual and frosted them with chocolate frost and then drizzled the red and yellow frosting lava on each one as well. When the kids bit into the cupcakes they had a surprise of either red or yellow "lava" inside.

The party was great fun and my son was happy that it was all about dragons. The activities were coloring the castle and dragons, playing with the castle and dragons, the pinata and being a dragon with the wings and masks.

It was very easy to do everything and I will do the cake again. Could be used for a dinosaur party, science experiment party or many other things. I hope you enjoy our ideas and feel free pin them or share them with others, linking back to our blog of course.

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  1. Have you ever tried using dragon party ideas for kids? Believe me, children love to be dressed in the different costumes for a theme based party, and it is the right way of keeping them engaged in the New Year celebration.