Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Little Pony Party

Our granddaughter loves My Little Pony and chose to have her 4th party as a Pony Theme.

Finding themed games and accessories was easy  and we  had favors and paper products to set the atmosphere. Each child went home with a plastic pony cup, jewels, stickers, crowns and pony headbands.

One game we played  was a treasure hunting game based on the episode where Rarity finds jewels and diamonds in the caves. We  made a type of sand out of flour and oil to hide the jewels and rings in. Then each child had a turn to uncover prizes.

Another game was pin the cutie mark on Pinky Pie.

For another activity we bought foam crowns for the guests to decorate.

The back drop was great for pictures.

We had two cakes....one was a rainbow layer cake and one was a rainbow ice cream cake. Both were very easy to make and everyone loved them.

I think next time I will combine the two instead.