Sunday, August 2, 2015

Disney Descendants Houseparty

We have been participating in for several years now and each party we win is awesome. The way House Party works is that you sign up and apply to host parties for various companies. If chosen, you will receive a party pack free of charge in the mail and you use the items to host your party. Sharing the free party favors with your guest. And of course posting about the wonderful experience with your friends. You dont always get chosen on the parties you apply to host and that can be disappointing but when you are chosen it makes the  party that much more special. We love to have parties so applying and hosting is a wonderful thing for us. We have parties for various reasons and for no reason regularly anyways so winning a party pack is reason enough for us.

This party was for the Disney Descendants live viewing series premiere and we loved it. I can honestly say that we might not have watched the series premiere if we would not have won the party pack. However giving us a reason to have a party was reason enough to watch the premiere. We totally enjoyed it and will be tuning in more in the future as well.

In the party pack we received were two hard back copies of the novel that the series is based on, bracelets, iron-on transfers, posters,  colorful hair extensions, a canvas bag and a t-shirt. The guest at our party loved the party favors! We also had access to several other items to download and we made good us e of those as well.

We used the books and canvas bag as door prizes. and everyone made a t-shirt with the iron ons. Everyone received bracelets, posters and hair extensions as well.

We downloaded games and printed them out to entertain the guest before the premier came on.

They also provided several recipes and we tried them all and used the downloadable labels  for each item. and made up a few of our own. 


  Poor unfortunate souls

We like to have a back drop for photos so we hung a black drop cloth and our own magic mirror. Each guest had an opportunity to take pictures in this area during the party.

Over all the party was great fun and the Disney Descendants premiere was a big hit. We will be tuning in more in the future and look forward to more parties with House Party as well.

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