Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Monsters Inc Party

Our son wanted a Monster Inc birthday party....and we love any reason to dress up in we combined the two and had a great party.

For his costume, he wanted to be Mike, we made a paper mache hollow suit by using an exercise ball as the form and putting the paper mache around  it. Very simple to do but it does take time to dry. Be sure to start a week early to allow for drying. 
The paper mache we used was a mixture of flour and water and dipped strips of newspaper in it. We then spray painted the ball and cut arm, head and leg holes. The eye could be painted on the ball or like we did made with a paper plate.

For party favors, we made scream canisters out of Pringles chip cans and filled them with Monster Inc toys and trinkets.

We made doors to set up in our pasture and had games and activities out there.

All the guest came dressed as characters from the movies as well. We had several CDA workers, a couple of Boos and of course Mikes and Sullys. We also had a Celia and a Mr WaterMoose III and even an abominable snowman complete with lemon snowcones.

Everyone had a lot of fun and  plenty of memories were made.

Cupcakes were simple with candy eyes added.  Everyone enjoyed the costumes and playing games. We had a cook out later and of course watch Monsters Inc.

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