Friday, August 30, 2013

Hero Factory Party

Our son, turning 7 years old, wanted a Hero Factory party. If you know what Hero Factory is you will understand how that was a tough one to do.  Hero Factory is a line toys by Lego that you put together to form robotic hero characters. In true Lego fashion, everything comes apart and can be put together in different ways. So we decided to make our party a "build-your-own" type party. We would have the 'pieces' and each person could put them together any way they wanted.

For the cake we put extra Hero Factory pieces on a store bought cake. He loved it and loved getting the pieces to build more characters.

We had a "build-your-own" hero station with plenty of super hero accessories. 

 We made Hero cores like the toy characters have out of card board cake circles.

Balloons for stuffing in shirts to make muscles.

Super Hero capes and masks.

We had a "build-your-own" hero wall  to practice super powers on.

 We made life size Legos out of card board boxes and painted to be like Legos. The kids had fun building a wall and jumping over it and knocking it down.

We had a "build-your-own" taco bar for making the dinner like they chose and a "build-your-own" ice cream sunday bar for dessert.

Of course he got Hero Factory toys for his presents and everyone was very happy.

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