Monday, April 23, 2012

Campout Party

We had a campout party for our son's 6th birthday. 
The cake was simple and the boys all loved it. I made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and made a campfire out of cookies and fruit roll ups. It was a little tricky to get the fruit roll ups to stand up for the fire so I used tooth picks to help with that.

 The boys each got a walking stick with a bandana tied to it with their party favors inside. I used wild animal print material for the bandanas and inside was a compass, a flash light, a trail bar, and fruit snacks to enjoy on the hike.

The boys hiked out in the field and had their snacks while we set up the tent and got the camp site ready.

Some of the party favors.

Back at the campsite, The boys played in the tent and ran around playing games until dinner time. Some games taught the boys how to use a compass and they enjoyed learning the way a compass works.

 Then they each roasted their own hotdogs over the campfire and enjoyed baked beans and trail mix.

Trail mix was a big hit with all the boys.
mix together cheerios, m&ms, raisins,  and peanuts.

 Makes for a great anytime snack on a real campout when boys get hungry often. We usually have a big bag of it available for the boys to get anytime while out in the woods.

 Another party favor was crazy straws and the boys enjoyed making long crazy straws to drink their drinks with.

 After dinner, We had s'mores. Each child roasted marshmallows to make their s'mores.

 Then of course, cake. The boys had a lot of fun and were all tired and ready for bed by the end of the party.