Friday, January 11, 2013

Duck Dynasty Party

My son wanted a Duck Dynasty Party for his 13th birthday. My first action was to look online for ideas that others have done. I found NOTHING! I was shocked! How could there be no Duck Dynasty party ideas? So We had to make them up ourselves. We asked around to other family members that also love the show and we came up with more ideas than we could use. I am going to post the ones we did use with pictures but also list the others we thought of so if the other ideas fit your family better you could switch them out.

First, Decorations: That was fairly easy although not readily available. We wanted hunting camouflage, not military but mostly what we could find was military. We made it work for the plates and napkins.

We ordered a Duckaholics sign from Duck Commander and also a beard for our son.

We found pet toys in the form of ducks, beavers and skunks to decorate around with and bought camouflage netting to turn our play structure into a duck blind.

Of course everyone had camo clothes and fake beards. That was fun for everyone. The little beards were bought from Party City.

Activities: This is where it really got fun! Once we started thinking of the shows and the different things that are done on the show, the ideas just kept coming. I am just going to list the ones we thought of and then talk about a few of them.

Donut Eating Contest
Beaver Hunt (scavenger hunt style)
Frog Hunt (egghunt style)
Beehive Pinata
Redneck Water Park
Making Duck Calls
Lawn Mower Race
Trust Fall
Shooting Games

We did the Beehive Pinata. I simply blew up a large balloon and covered in with paper mache and then with streamers and fulled it with candy. Very easy and great fun for all.

Frog Hunt: We bought light up frogs and hid them around. Since we were pretending to eat frog legs for dinner they had to catch the frogs first.

Make Duck Calls: This was very easy and the kids loved it. You take a drinking straw and flatten one end of it. then you cut that end into a point. place the pointed end in your mouth and blow. It makes a sound similar to a duck call and the kids love making noise. You can experiment with different angles and lengths of straw to make different sounds.

Donut Eating Contest: Lots of fun and these kids ate way more I thought they would. The littlest ones at 7 donuts and would have eaten more. 

Now for the FOOD:
I made camouflage cupcakes for the cake. I made one chocolate cake and one vanilla cake. I added food coloring to give me two shades of green and two shades of brown. then I layered the batters in the cups and baked them. very easy and they turned out camouflaged. 

I frosted them with green frosting and topped them with camouflaged ducks we ordered from Oriental Trading.

For the birthday song We changed it up a bit and sang "Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you...."

Of course, We had Sweet tea in a cup like Uncle Si.  And below that is our menu for the evening.

We didnt really have duck so we cooked chicken instead and made chickens wings to be our frog legs.

And of course we ended the day with a family dinner because it wouldnt be Duck Dynasty with out that.

I hope this gives you some ideas and you have a great Duck Dynasty party as well.