Friday, May 22, 2015

Kimber's 3rd Birthday Little Mermaid Style

Kimber LOVES the little mermaid! So does her mom and her aunt and all of us really. So a little mermaid party was so fun for us. Decorating with sea shells and sand just comes natural for us and was so easy to pull things from all over our house for this party. Party favors were sand pails and toys with bubbles. We tried to keep the food simple and fun with the theme. We served foods with sand shovels. 

Kimber and her mom, Becca, made chocolates in sea shapes that we put on the cupcakes and cake. We tried making a sand castle cake. Much harder than it looks but with Kimbers help we were able to pull it off. :-) It is made with ice cream cones turned upside down and marshmallows on the cake layer. Frost everything and then dust with crumbled vanilla wafer cookies. We also added more of the chocolate shells and starfish.

We also made oyster shell cookies by frosting vanilla wafers and putting a yogurt covered almond in for the pearl.

We made a seafoam green punch with lime sherbet and blue jello with gummy fish.

We  drew a picture on poster board of a mermaid girl and beach boy for guest to take pictures with. It is always fun to pretend.

We also had a backdrop of blue material to be our ocean and Becca made some jelly fish with streamers and bowls to hang in our sea.

Julie gave Kimber a couple of hermit crabs for her present. We had so much fun. especially eating cake :-)

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