Saturday, February 7, 2015

60's Style Birthday

Since I was born in the 60's, my husband planned a 60's theme party for my 50th birthday. We had so much fun and it turned out great.

In preparation, we of course had to make some tie dye shirts. We did this outside and everyone loved the activity and the end results.

We also tie dyed a canvas drop cloth to use as a backdrop for pictures and hung beads in the door ways. Everyone came dressed in 1960's theme clothes and the costumes were so much fun to see.

We hung fabric from the ceiling and paper lantern lights. We put black light bulbs in the lamps and used lots of beads and flowers for decorations.

We used tie dye designed paper plates and had lots of pin on buttons and beads and rings for favors.

We had hippie names printed on card stock and each person drew out a name to use for the evening. Mine was Moon Flower.

It was so much fun and I was tempted to keep up the decorations after the party. I think this is my favorite party theme to date and we cant wait for another excuse to have it again.

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