Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jungle Safari Party

Our son wanted a jungle party so we set out to make that happen. This was a lot of fun to put together. There is so much available and so many fun food ideas to incorporate.

We hung streamers around the room like jungle vines. One of our older sons did most of the decorating and had a lot of fun doing that for his younger brother. We made trees out of brown wrapping paper by crumpling it up and stapling it to the walls. leaves were made of construction paper.

I bought a set of animal face masks and tails. Each child picked what animal they wanted to be and we clipped the tails on their clothes. We also bought toy binoculars for animal sightings.

We had plastic animals around and snakes in the trees.  We served lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and animal crackers.

We kept the cake very simple and plastic animals on top. but inside the cake was made to look like zebra stripes. that is done by alternating spoons of white cake mix batter with chocolate cake mix batter in the pan before baking.

The kids went on a safari hunt and played with the binoculars and face masks. We had some activities for them but they mostly had fun with playing safari hunts on their own.

We had a cardboard safari car that they colored and then put together to play in as well. that was a lot of fun too.

For the meal we made a snake out of sub sandwiches and we had a veggie tray made to look like a lion. Both were big hits with the kids.

Jungle juice served in monkey faced bottles with snake straws.

And then the biggest hit of the party was the chocolate fountain. We called it the mud bath and the kids all loved dipping their  fruit in the chocolate.

The party was a lot of fun and great memories.

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