Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gender Reveal Party

Our daughter and son-in-law were expecting and decided to keep the gender a secret and reveal it to all the family at once. Including themselves. We were so excited to be able to host the party and find out together what our new grandbaby would be.

We chose the theme of Ties or Tutus and centered the party around that. Guest were given the choice to pick a tie or a tutu to wear around their wrist. 

We set the table with one side being all pink and one side being all blue. Guest were encouraged to wear pink or blue with what they thought the baby would be.

It was so much fun making pink and blue decorations and  guessing which ones would be right. We made cupcakes out of onesies and baby socks. we made pea pods out of baby wash clothes and we had rattles and blankets in each color as well. This way no matter what the baby was, the mom received lots of things to get started with.

We also had a fish bowl and pink and blue cards for guest to make their guesses and we had prizes for the correct guessers.

Pink and Blue punch was served.

The foods were fun finger foods and miniature desserts.

We had a baby predictor set up that told what our daughter's predictions were based on old wives tales.

Then we took pictures with the groups that thought it would be a girl.....

And the group that thought it would be a boy.

Then for the revealing moment. The cake was made by a bakery and they were the only ones that knew the gender of the baby. The inside of the cake would either be blue or pink and when the cake was cut, we would all find out.......
We are so happy that our sweet granddaughter is here!

After the party we went outside and took pictures with balloons to reveal it to the rest of the world. 

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