Monday, January 23, 2012

Super Mario Party

Super Mario Bros. makes for a super easy party that is sure to be a hit with all ages. I remember having a Super Mario Bros party for my oldest son who played Super Mario Bros on the original Nintendo system and now with my 5th child who plays it on the Wii.
Decorations were easy even though we didnt have printed Mario plates and decorations. We chose colors that complemented the game and hung balloons and stars around from the ceiling. Of course we had to have plenty of chocolate coins.
Fake mustaches for everyone! Dinner was pizza of course and for the cake we made cake pops to look like mushrooms. Red frosting with smarties candies for spots.
The entertainment was, of course, Super Mario Bros. on the Wii and everyone had a great time. First time around with this party we had other games as well. One that was a hit involved dividing into two teams and having a child on each team put on a large sweat suit over their clothes and then having the teams stuff blown up balloons into the sweat suit to make them look like muscle men or Mario after he powers up. The team that can stuff the most balloons in wins. Or you could make a relay race and have each child take a turn with the suit. There are many ways to expand on this theme. depending on how much you want to do and how much time you have. The most important thing is making the birthday child happy and this party wins in that category.

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