Sunday, January 22, 2012

Medieval Times Party

The theme for our family get together this year was medieval. This party lasted for the whole weekend and we tied it together with our family reunion.
These are some of the family crest flags representing each family in attendance that we made before the event.
The first day we had the tournaments, each famliy had to come up with a game for everyone to compete in. First we had archery and each person tried their hand at shooting the bow and arrows.
The next event was the wild goose chase. Each team had to catch a chicken or rooster (which were worth more points.)
Then came the pool jousting competition.
The final event for the tournament was "Boberry Tales" around dinner....each family had to tell a story from their life and the most interesting, funniest, or most intriguing would win. We have a family trophy that the winning family from each family reunion gets to keep for the year.
The next day is when we had the real party. Everyone dressed up in Medieval attire and was assigned a character. We again used a murder mystery game and each person played their role. Each person was responsible to come up with their own costume and it could be as simple or elaborate as they wanted.
For the walls, I painted a canvas drop cloth that we could hang up with out damaging our current walls and decor. We also used material to hand as curtains and vinyl clings to add to the castle feel. For the table, we used gold chargers and aluminum pie tins for plates and baskets to hold breads.
Some costumes were bought.
Some were very creatively hand made.
For our food, we tried to keep things as close to period cooking as possible. We had suckling pig, roast chicken, corn on the cob and baked potatoes. It was all delicious!

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