Monday, January 16, 2012

Be A Chef Party

This was another 'just for fun' party. We made chef hats out of poster board and tissue paper. Each child got an apron and they got to make their own pizza. For this particular day, we just bought regular cheese pizzas and let each person add the toppings they wanted. We have done it before where we made our own pizza dough and each person made their own pizza from scratch. It just worked better for the ages of the children we had doing it to have the pizza already started. In the end it didnt matter, they loved their creations and every one was full.
If this was going to be a birthday party or other special occasion, you could have cupcakes that each child would decorate also. Another idea would be do a dessert buffet and let them make ice cream sundaes or banana splits as well. Not everything needs to be 'junk food'. We had fresh spinach and basil to go on the pizzas and since the kids were making their own, they tried more options. It was so much fun to put things on the pizzas so they wanted some of everything on theirs.
The important thing is that each child feels like they got to make their own food and be a chef for the day.

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